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Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020

I posted this once straight from the phone, but I wanted to dabble a little bit on the computer and re-post.  I also chose this shot because the yellow in the flowers almost matches my new yellow phone perfectly. 

I’ve meant to do more from this phone and sooner, but I am currently editing shots from a recent wedding and I had a little trouble importing from the phone to the Mac because the Mac kept wanting everything locked up in iPhoto.  This thing sometimes, I swear.  Anyway, Nokia just put out a transfer tool today, and so now I’m up and cooking. 

Nokia has NAILED the camera phone.  NAILED IT.  The phone isn’t perfect, but I would argue its close to the best phone on the planet.  The HTC One is exceptional, the New Motorola Moto X looks pretty amazing, but those two phones notwithstanding, this phone is mind blowing. 

Some will have trouble moving to Windows Phone (although having used it since October 2010, I think it’s by far the best phone OS) and even more will have trouble moving to AT&T, however if you, like me, NEED a camera with you at all times, this is really the phone for you. 

Is it a DSLR? No.  Is it the best point and shoot?  No.  That said, and said simply, it IS the only camera that will ALWAYS be in my pocket, and here’s the catch…with no regrets.  Let me explain from my perspective.  My wife and I had our first kid last June.  He’s rad.  I take photos of him ALL THE TIME.  Several a day, and videos too.  But I noticed that while I love to take photos of the little guy, I only ever grabbed the big gun 5DIII about every six weeks or so.  It’s just too much of a hassle to grab the flashes and the lights and the tripod and the ….  You get the picture.  While I didn’t want to drag everything out all the time, I did regret that my phone pics were just never that good.  Too blurry, missed the moment, grainy, noisy, dark, contrasty crap.  And that was on a phone (Lumia 920) which was considered to be at the very least in the top end of phone optics.  As much as we constantly rely on our phones for photography, there’s always the caveat that it comes from a phone, and that even the best phone cameras are still “phone” cameras.   This phone is different.  I can print these things, and while I’ll have to do some serious testing, I’ll bet I can go 8x12 and be VERY happy. 

This camera takes amazing photos.  Notice I didn’t say “for a smartphone”.  There’s no need.  This phone takes amazing photos.  This phone is simply worlds ahead of anything else out there. 

One last thing.  I’ve heard some grumblings about 41mp/small sensor/files too big/gimmick stuff floating around.  I’ll let you head on over to the Nokia White Paper on this thing to get the specifics, but I will say, this is no gimmick, and the oversampling leads to reasonable file sizes (5mb oversampled, ~10mp high res) that are without a doubt the best photos a smartphone can take, or will take for the foreseeable future. 

More shots will be inevitably making it into my stream from here forward.  If you have any questions about this phone or the photos, shoot me a comment. 


-jared ropelato



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